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Got a pair myself, but I bought them about 2 weeks ago so I can not return them. I made a decision to hold onto my outdated ones as a substitute of throwing them away. I stored them in my vehicle just in situation these blow Godzilla on his bad day. This is Not a windscreen waster additive to clean your windscreen but a way of re-applying a Rain X barrier to your windscreen every time you use your windscreen washer, so that the rain continues to bead on your windscreen. The instructions clearly states to include it to your windscreen washer bottle which incorporates water & a glass cleaner such as ArmorAll Windscreen Wash Focus. This is component of a 2 stage approach. I often use an inch or two smaller as chatter issues are significantly less and the particular stress is higher, with a bit superior wiping, with shorter blade. I am 6- so I do not seem out of the major or bottom inch of the wiped spot so the loss is not noticed. Under you'll uncover a listing of the top 10 very best wiper blades in 2016 evaluate so you can determine which ones are best for your vehicle. All climate blades are developed to accommodate both the heat from summer and the cold winter weather. Also visit my website :: Wiper Blade Refill Reviews
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